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Remote Translators Wanted (JP/EN or EN/JP)

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Company Infomation

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CROCO’s current services are targeted toward the Japanese market, with tools we've developed to aid in our clients' digital marketing content creation, such as protection against plagiarism.

Our Localization Department currently specializes in helping Japanese companies attract the international market by creating and implementing customized global strategies, localization, and full business support. We assist with starting and maintaining global businesses as well as fixing failing global ventures.

Other services include localization, transcreation, and creative writing of marketing content, social media content, and websites. We also provide a high-quality localization tool named "Shadowlizer" to the hospitality industry.

CROCO’s Localization Department is growing rapidly as more Japanese companies look to bring in the international market for growth. Our current mission is to improve communication between the Japanese-speaking world and English-speaking world.


We are looking for remote translators dedicated to translating requests submitted by clients through our in-house software Shadowlizer. We’re seeking translators with strong writing skills who are able to write naturally in the target language for various industries and companies.

Simple projects may be less than 100 words or characters and take a short amount of time to complete, while others will be longer and require multiple days.

• How much work you do per day is all up to you
• The translation rate varies depending on the length and difficulty of the source text. The minimum compensation is 200JPY per localization of source text within a 150-character/250-word limit.
• You can work wherever and whenever you like within Japan

Desired Translation:
• Japanese to English
• English to Japanese

If you would like to apply, please register on Shadowlizer here:
After you register, we will contact you again to schedule a simple mandatory localization test.



Translating/Interpreting> English

2000 yen / total


5 days

8 hours




(Japanese-English translation) English Native (English-Japanese translation) Japanese Native

・Resides in Japan ・Valid working visa (we do not offer visa sponsorship) ・Strong writing skills and ability to write naturally in the target language for various industries and companies ・Strong organizational skills and attention to detail ・Time management skills