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Monitor tour participants Wanted!!

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Company Infomation

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[What is TripPartner (Trip Partner)? 】
TripPartne is a company that is doing "inbound business", one of the most noteworthy projects at the moment. It is a company aiming at No. 1 quality of guide with guide matching service connecting travelers and guides.
Unlike travel agencies that sell travel content and plans, we regard travel and ties with people as the real pleasure of traveling.
Together with a guide with professional knowledge and experience, we are making a service that will make "traveling selfish" aimed at the particularly rich people of the rapidly growing foreigners who visit Japan.
We are promoting partnerships with companies and organizations that have high-quality guide candidates in various fields from time to time and content volumes are rising day by day. At the same time, we also received offers for media appeal and publications for each media, and we are planning to develop overseas marketing in the future.


Guide guide matching service “Trip partner” is looking for participants that lets you experience the service with pay!
<What is a Trip Partner?>
Trip partner is a website that matches the rapidly increasing “visiting foreign tourists” with “guides”.

In this site, we will select a sightseeing plan according to the purpose of foreign travelers visiting Japan and match it with the “guide” that knows the local area the tourists would like to go to.
▼ trippartner

The TripPartner website is currently under renewal.
<About this part-time experience opportunity>
TripPartner will be renewed at the end of June.
This is a chance to participate in various tourist experiences for free! This offer is available only to 100 people.

For those who participate, an hourly pay of 1,000 yen is also offered!
<Experience content>
TripPartner chooses amongst various experiences offered (such as ceramic pottery, yoga, local town walk, etc.) for you to participate in.
* Staff of TripPartner may ask to participate as well.
<Who can participate?>
· Foreign residents living in Japan (regardless of nationality or age)
· Those who want to enjoy various experiences in Japan
· You can join by yourself or in a small group (2 - 3 people)

<Experience location>
Tourist areas in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Osaka and Kyoto
<When will this offer end?>
This offer will be open from the end of June until the end of September.
<How long does this free experience take?>
May vary from one hour to four hours depending on the type of experience you participate in. This trial is free of charge, and you will also be paid by hour!
·You can experience TripPartner’s activities offered by our guides free of charge.
· Hourly wage of 1,000 yen.
· Reimbursement of public transportation expenses
<Steps to participate>
1. Please apply from “Guidable Crew”.
2. We will send a message to all those who applied (up to 100 people on a first-come, first come first served basis).
3. Input the registration form (which comes in a simple questionnaire form such as name, participation desired date, contact information, etc.)
4. Pick the day consulting with the TripPartner guide in charge of that place
5. Enjoy various experiences for free!
6. We will transfer the part-time fee to the designated account after the experience is finished.
We are also looking for guides at the same time for those who would like to do it!
For those who would like to register as a guide, please click this link.

The staff of TripPartner will contact you later.



Others> Others

1000 yen / hour


1 days

2 hours