Singaporean or Malaysian Influencer Wanted for Monitor Tour in Tohoku! (Nov. 24th ~ Nov. 27th)

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Company Infomation

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At Guidable Inc. we aim to “Remove borders between foreigners and Japanese”.
It is our goal to connect international residents of Japan who are searching for short-term jobs with companies looking to hire foreign individuals with distinctive skills. We support internationals in Japan with little or no Japanese by helping you find the short-term or freelance job you seek. We help you find your job and provide you with language support on the way. Our job categories are “event”, "marketing cooperation”, "interpreter/translation" and "others”, and include such jobs as one-off teaching, article writing, and market survey research free experiences.


This is one shot job:
This opportunity involves attending a tour which will be held in Miyagi/ Iwate Prefecture at the end of November 2020.

[Tour Overview]
Date: Weekdays in November
Place: Miyagi/ Iwate
Period: Nov. 24th ~ Nov. 27th (3 nights, 4 days)
*Attendee must be an influencer who originates from Malaysia or Singapore and has over 30k followers on Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter.



Event> Festival

40000 yen / total


4 days

8 hours




Must be an influencer who has over 30k followers on Instagram/YouTube/Twitter.

Must be an influencer who has over 30k followers on Instagram/YouTube/Twitter