[SNS/Blog user with 1000 followers] Affiliate Promoter Needed for Cosmetic Commodity

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Company Infomation

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At Guidable Inc. we aim to “Remove borders between foreigners and Japanese”.
It is our goal to connect international residents of Japan who are searching for short-term jobs with companies looking to hire foreign individuals with distinctive skills. We support internationals in Japan with little or no Japanese by helping you find the short-term or freelance job you seek. We help you find your job and provide you with language support on the way. Our job categories are “event”, "marketing cooperation”, "interpreter/translation" and "others”, and include such jobs as one-off teaching, article writing, and market survey research free experiences.


We are currently looking for people who can advertise our Cosmetic Commodity to recommend your followers to buy it by posting its information and link on your SNS or Blog accounts as affiliate.

Regarding to rewards of this job, it is going to be decided by sales achievement of a product that you are in charge of. The achievement rewards of product is from 2000yen to 2500yen. Everytime your followers buy the product through its link on your account, you will get the rewards.
[Rewards Example]

If you are interested in Please apply and ask us about this job offer in detail.
Your rewards will increase by your efforts and network! Why don't you try!?



Marketing Support> Campaign

20000 yen / total







We expect the influencer to spread some cosmetic commodity in English/Japanese. 1. You should have SNS or Blog accounts to spread the information. 2. Your Blog/SNS must have more than 1000 followers.

Great Sales skill and networks on your SNS and Blog accounts!