English teacher at Company's Office

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Company Infomation

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Our purpose is to “Remove borders between foreigners and Japanese”.


1 on 1 English conversation lessons of 30 minutes where the student selects a topic to talk about with the teacher. The student will practice his/her English skills by talking with the teacher 1 on 1. The student will talk to the teacher who he or she is interested in and have a 30 minutes conversation.

*How the system works*
The students will make appointment with the teacher who they want to talk to.
The number of lessons the teacher is going to teach will be decided one week before the meeting.
The wage of the teacher will be: 1000yen x number of lesson

*Other information*
There will be a different student every 30 minutes.
The location is close to Higashi-Shinjuku.
The detail will be informed to those who passed our screening process

Date: 11th July 2018, 12th July 2018.
Time: 11:00-18:00
Wage: 1000yen per lesson(30minutes)



Others> Others

3000 yen


2 days

7 hours




1. talkative 2. Optimistic 3. Punctual We need people who are not afraid of speaking their mind and giving their own opinion. We need people who can compare Japanese culture and their own. We expect the teachers to be punctual and come to the meeting on time.