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Become a guide by TripPartner 【Osaka】

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Company Infomation

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TripPartnerとは旅人とガイドをつなぐ、 ガイドマッチングサービスです。


What is a Trip Partner?

The trip partner is a service site that matches the rapidly increasing "visiting foreign tourists" and "guides".
In this site, we will select an experiential plan full of charm of the region on the site according to the purpose of foreign travelers visiting Japan and match it with the "guide" that knows the local area.
Prior to renewal opening in June 2018, we are looking for "translation / interpreting guide" where you can act as a guide.

▼ trippartner

"Trip Partner Guide" Entry Wanted!
The paid interpretation guide to foreign travelers visiting Japan in Japan has been accepted only to those who have national qualifications of "interpreter guide".
However, after the revision of the law in 2018, it became possible to be held without qualification.
Next is your turn! We are currently looking for a local guide to conduct "translation / interpreter guide" at the trip partner.
Let's take advantage of your free time to interact with tourists from all over the world and realize a Japanese experience that only you can do.

Three benefits to become a guide
1) You can enjoy international exchange with people all over the world while in Japan!

Why not become an ambassador to appeal JAPAN to the rest of the world?

2) No problem without qualification! Now is the opportunity to take advantage of revision of the law!

No previous experience needed! With your native language and just a little bit of conversation skill in Japanese, anyone can become a guide for TripPartner!

3) As much as you like at any time, you can make money by doing things you like!

Take advantage of your free time! Students can become a guide between classes, those with jobs on weekends or on their non-work days, make money doing things you like during your free time!



Others> Others

5000 yen


1 days

3 hours




Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Hindi

Attendance of foreign tourists visiting Japan. Even inexperienced people can become a bridge between mother tongue and Japanese and apply if you are willing to entertain foreign tourists who are visiting Japan.

experience of translation or interpreter translator