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English Teacher at a Company's Office

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Company Infomation

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At Guidable Inc. we aim to “Remove borders between foreigners and Japanese”.
It is our goal to connect international residents of Japan who are searching for short-term jobs with companies looking to hire foreign individuals with distinctive skills. We support internationals in Japan with little or no Japanese by helping you find the short-term or freelance job you seek. We help you find your job and provide you with language support on the way. Our job categories are “event”, "marketing cooperation”, "interpreter/translation" and "others”, and include such jobs as one-off teaching, article writing, and market survey research free experiences.


1 on 1 English conversation lessons of 30 minutes where the student selects a topic to talk about with the teacher.

The teacher should be familiar with a variety of topics so that he can make the student practice his/her English skills by having a conversation on the topic selected by the student.

Other information:
- There will be a different student every 30 minutes.
- The location is close to Nishi-shinjuku station
- 1500 yen for an hour
- 800 yen more provided for transportation fees

Date: 9th May 2018
Time: 11:00 – 18:00
Venue: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Wages: JPY9000 + Transportation fee



Others> Others

9000 yen


1 days

7 hours




- Talkative and friendly people - People who are not afraid of speaking their mind and giving their own personal opinion - People who can talk about the differences between the Japanese culture and their own - People who are respectful of others' opinions - Punctual people