Japan Nationwide Photographers Wanted!

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Company Infomation

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At Guidable Inc. we aim to “Remove borders between foreigners and Japanese”.
It is our goal to connect international residents of Japan who are searching for short-term jobs with companies looking to hire foreign individuals with distinctive skills. We support internationals in Japan with little or no Japanese by helping you find the short-term or freelance job you seek. We help you find your job and provide you with language support on the way. Our job categories are “event”, "marketing cooperation”, "interpreter/translation" and "others”, and include such jobs as one-off teaching, article writing, and market survey research free experiences.


We are looking for photographers all around Japan to document their accommodation experiences in popular vacation residences. You will be shooting the accommodation, landscape, landmarks around the area and the experience itself. Overnight stays at the accommodations are often free of charge (depending on the job) so it's a great way to experience travel in Japan.

- To be decided
You will be featured in our nationwide photographer map and our client will contact you with a job!

· You get to stay in popular accommodation for free (depending on the job and location, some photography shoots are one day only)
· Photos taken by you will be displayed on the site below; great for your portfolio
· You will receive a reward decided by the client depending on the job



Marketing Support> Digital Marketing

10000 yen / total







There is a possibility that Japanese staff will accompany the photographic direction so Japanese conversational level is required.

Previous experience photographing accommodation facilities for a fee

Photograph editing